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Amazon’s latest series created by Steve Conrad is a twisting and turning spy drama/ contemporary noir.

A young boy struggles with his homework, which is to study great American poetry. The next day on his way to school he wanders into the woods, where he experiences all of the poetry as it comes to life.

Award-winning biopic (starring Claire Danes) of the famous animal husbandry expert and autism acceptance advocate.

An espionage drama written by Charlie Kaufman based on the true story of game show host Chuck Barris (Sam Rockwell) and his alleged double life as a CIA hitman.

A cult classic. Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell), a 1970s news anchor, must deal with a new female reporter in this cult comedy.

Desperate to get his ex-girlfriend back, Dennis (Simon Pegg) decides to run the same marathon as her new fiancee.

A zany comedy in which racing driver Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) tries to get back on the track.

A moving documentary (narrated By Morgan Freeman) showing the arduous journey that emperor penguins make to their breeding grounds.

A riveting documentary detailing the plight of the declining lion population in Africa.

A beautiful documentary film about the famous Berlin hotel near the Brandenburg Gate.

A psychological, fantastical thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, following a man’s search for reality.

A moving South Boston-based crime drama featuring Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke, based on the director Brian Goodman’s true life story.

An independent drama (starring John Turturro and Alan Arkin) divided into 13 segments, about 5 seemingly unrelated lives intersecting in unexpected ways.

A semi-fictional drama starring Susan Sarandon and Ralph Fiennes, based on the relationship between a wealthy socialite and her somewhat neurotic butler.

A drama based on the true story of Jean Harris (Annette Bening) who murdered her lover, famous doctor Herman Tarnower (Ben Kingsley).

A mid-western factory worker (Tom Wilkinson) reveals to his wife of 25 years (Jessica Lange) that he wishes to undergo a sex change in this moving drama.

A con-man comedy caper centered around gambling, with many twists.

A fired health inspector joins his ailing conman father (Christopher Walken) on a madcap $5 per day roadtrip.

Two aging boxers and best friends (Woody Harrelson) and Antonio Banderas) have one last fight in Las Vegas, but will be pitted against each other.

A comedy crime movie starring Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett about two moonlighting LAPD detectives.

An unhappy couple (Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon) travels to both sets of their divorced parents in one Christmas day.

Wally (Jason Bateman) finds out he is the sperm donor father of his best friend’s (Jennifer Aniston) son.

A quirky comedy in which two men (Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly) compete with each other for their dream job of supermarket manager.

A romantic comedy following a couple’s relationship from lust to friendship and finally romance.

A farcical crime thriller about an ex-assassin trying to make a new career as a Welsh baker.

A comedy in which an insurance company owner (Stephen Weber) gets involved in a plot to murder his fling’s husband.

Surreal comedy (starring Christina Ricci) following the eccentric inhabitants of a motel.

A zany comedy thriller in which two convicts break out of prison to search for buried treasure.

A cooking-themed comedy about three friends living together and their shifting relationships.

A romantic comedy with two competing writers whose lives are more connected than they thought.

An independent thriller in which a married couple experience a weekend on a family boat with unexpected guests.

A dark comedy about an aspiring medical school student who finds college entrance highly competitive and hatches a twisted plan.

A stunningly beautiful look at the vast landscape and variety of life beneath the waves.

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